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Dueling Mixes

Dueling Mixes
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Dueling Mixes is a place to get that guided practice you’ve been looking for…from not one, but TWO teachers/mix engineers.
Here’s how it works…

One Song

Every month, Graham and Joe will compete against each other in mixing the same song (in their individual studios). We’ll be competing, comparing, and keeping score.

Here’s the cool part.

Multi-Track Files

As a Dueling Mixes member, each month you’ll receive the multi-track audio files for that month’s song, along with a copy of both Joe’s and Graham’s finished mixes. You’ll then be able to mix the song in your home studio, on your system (at your own pace), and you’ll have both Joe’s and Graham’s mixes as references.

Multi-tracks plus finished mixes from two different experienced mix engineers. Pretty cool, right?

Now it gets cooler.

Two Videos

In addition to the multi-tracks and finished mixes, you’ll also get TWO tutorial videos each month, one from Graham and one from Joe. These videos will walk you through an overview of how each of us mixed the song. We’ll show you how we set up our sessions, what plugins and settings we used, what problems we encountered, and how we addressed those problems.

One Webinar

To wrap things up, towards the end of each month (after you’ve had a chance to watch the videos and work on YOUR mix) we’ll hop on a live webinar. Graham and Joe will spend some time discussing that month’s song (and also bashing each others’ mixes). Then we’ll answer your questions. Don’t like the way Joe handled the lead vocal? Let’s talk about it. Not sure how to get that kick drum sound Graham got? We’ll discuss it.

You don’t have to attend the live webinar to get your questions answered. Just submit them to us beforehand, and we’ll cover them on the webinar.

Afterwards, the mp3 of the webinar will be available for all members to download and listen.

Next month? Do it all over again.

When the calendar rolls over a new month, you’ll have access to a brand new song, and we’ll start the process over again.

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