Mixing With Compression

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Mixing With Compression

Mixing With Compression
Music Production
Matthew Weiss


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You’ll learn how to:

  • Use compression to shape your sounds

    Want to make a sound punchier? Softer? Rounder? Sharper? Matthew shows you how to shape sounds with effective compression settings and techniques.

  • Use compression to manipulate tone

    Hear before and after examples on various instruments and voices to learn how compression can make a sound appear brighter, darker, closer, distant, etc.

  • Use compression to control dynamics

    Want louder vocals? More controlled bass? Punchier drums? More attack and less sustain for an instrument? We’ll teach you how to hear it and do it.

  • Set the perfect attack and release times

    We’ll teach you how to set goals, listen critically, and shape the envelope of various sounds using effective and musical attack and release settings.

  • Take advantage of parallel compression

    Learn how you can fine-tune a sound or groups of instruments by blending in heavy processing with the dry signal to create the perfect blend.

  • Know which type of compressor to use

    FET, VCA, Optical and more. Learn about the many different types of compressors and limiters including their history and ideal applications.

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