Mixing With EQ

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Mixing With EQ

Mixing With EQ
Music Production
Matthew Weiss


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You’ll learn how to:

  • Use basic and advanced EQ controls

    We break down all the basic and advanced controls of various types of equalizers, as well as the technical concepts and theory behind their origin and purpose.

  • Identify and fix problem areas in a mix

    Learn to evaluate a mix and identify problematic areas of frequency buildup. We’ll show you how to stylistically blend elements together or gain clarity and separation.

  • Enhance lead and background vocals

    Learn techniques for making lead vocals cut through a mix without sounding harsh or unbalanced while ensuring the background vocals stay effectively impactful in a supporting roll.

  • Use compression and saturation for tone

    Multiband compression and tape saturation are powerful tools for manipulating tone. We’ll show you what to listen for and teach you various techniques for using them in a mix.

  • Understand minimal vs linear phase EQ

    Linear phase EQ can seem complicated, but we break it all down and teach you what it is, what it sounds like and the best applications for using it.

  • Negotiate mixing a kick drum with an 808

    Sometimes two instruments occupy the same harmonic space in a mix. We’ll teach you how to embrace or resolve this to get a well-defined mix.

  • Identify and resolve frequency masking

    Frequency masking can have a subtle or extreme effect on a mix. We’ll teach you how to identify it and what to do if you want to clean it up and increase clarity.

  • Master various types of EQs and filters

    We’ll teach you the technical concepts and theory behind various types of EQ filters and designs and why it matters.

  • Use EQ filters as a special effect

    EQ isn’t just a utility, it can also be used to great effect for creating special moments in a mix. We’ll show you tips, tricks and ideas for using EQ filters as a special effect in a mix.

  • Understand bells, filters and notches

    Besides various types of equalizer designs, there are tons of applications for the different functions and controls. We’ll cover the best tools to use depending on the mix scenario at hand.

  • Create effective contrast in a mix

    Bright, dark, close, distant — these are all vital aspects of creating an interesting and effective mix that serve the song. We’ll show you how different EQ moves can achieve this and yield a memorable and exciting mix.

  • Manipulate a drum mix with just an EQ

    There are multiple directions you could go with any given mix. In our 40 minutes drum workshop, we’ll break down some of the places you can take a multitrack drum recording using just a basic EQ.


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