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Music Marketing Classroom

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Music Marketing Classroom

Music Marketing Classroom
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The Music Marketing Classroom is a fantastic resource for the DIY music marketer.

The goal is to help you establish systematic actions that you can work on alongside your music, to build momentum in your fan base. This self-sufficient musical entrepreneur approach will mean that you donʼt ever have to rely on anyone else to promote your offerings. A by-product of this kind of marketing is that you build a ground swell of interest and buzz that leads to bigger and better opportunities and puts you on the radar of key players in the music industry.

The whole concept can basically be boiled down into four areas:

The fan-catcher page – simply a highly optimized website where you direct all your marketing efforts.

Traffic – anything we do online to bring fans back to the fan-catcher.

The email listA semi automatic follow up system used to make a deep connection with the fans, and which ultimately promotes the paid offering.

The subscription site – A monthly paid fanclub with the content delivered by email.

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Music Marketing Classroom
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