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ReThink Drums
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Recording drums well is one of the most challenging tasks for an audio engineer. But thanks to REthink Drums things just got a whole lot simpler! Setup in two parts REthink Drums shows you exactly how to mic and record a drum set using anywhere from 1 to 10 microphones and then shows you how to mix your tracks to perfection. Get better sounding drum tracks now with the gear you already have!

Part 1 – Recording Drums

The first part of REthink Drums includes four videos showing you some of the best mic placement techniques you can use to get a great recording in little time. With the help of studio and touring drummer Travis Whitmore I’ll teach you…

  1. BulletMy simple philosophy of drum miking
  2. BulletHow to record drums with only one or two microphones
  3. BulletMultiple stereo overhead configurations
  4. BulletHow to incorporate top and bottom snare mics
  5. BulletHow to use room mics to compliment your close mic setup


Part 2 – Mixing Drums

The second part of the tutorial series takes the art of mixing drums and breaks it down into four key areas to help you polish and perfect your raw tracks no matter what DAW you use. We’ll cover…

  1. BulletUsing gates to clean up unwanted mic bleed and noise
  2. BulletProper use of EQ to bring focus and clarity to your tracks
  3. BulletCompression techniques to fatten up your drums
  4. BulletTasteful use of reverb and other effects to sweeten the mix
  5. BulletDrum bus and routing for even more control of your mix


Each video walks you easily through the process of recording and mixing drums whether you use one, two, or even ten mics in your setup. You will see and hear these techniques in action so you can immediately implement them in your sessions without any wasted time!

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