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ReThink Pro Tools

ReThink Pro Tools
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With so many Pro Tools books, videos, and blogs out there in the world why did I create REthink Pro Tools? Because no one seems to be teaching the ins and outs of this incredible software in an easy understand and relevant way. There is a TON of information out there, but hardly anyone has the heart of a teacher, pushing for you to grasp these concepts so you can do what you do best, make more music!

After a fast paced 3 hours of going through REthink Pro Tools, your eyes will be open to the beauty, simplicity, and power of this industry leading production software as you quickly learn how to:

  • Setup your sessions for optimal workflow and speed.
  • Record a song complete with audio and MIDI and mix it down for the world.
  • Do power audio and MIDI editing while keeping an escape route open just in case.
  • Use killer shortcuts and tweaks to mix faster and more efficiently.
  • Customize Pro Tools to work the way YOU want it to!

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