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ReThink Vocals

ReThink Vocals
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REthink Vocals is an in depth, simple to understand, and easy to implement video series that can help you bypass the months and months of trial and error, and teach you everything you need to know to start producing better vocals by this weekend!


With the knowledge you’ll gain from this video series, you’ll notice big improvements in your sessions, including:

  1. Bullet How to get the most out of your vocalist
  2. Bullet How to quickly and seamlessly edit your tracks to perfection
  3. Bullet How to tune vocals without them sounding “tuned”
  4. Bullet How to get your vocals to sit perfectly in the mix

Video 1 – Recording And Arranging

Starting with the most important element of the vocal production process, recording, I’ll show you my workflow for helping the vocalist deliver the best take every time. You’ll also learn about how to create an interesting arrangement with your vocals, taking your main vocal line up a notch.

Video 2 – Comping And Editing

REthink Vocals takes you from proper recording and arranging, straight into how the pros tackle the editing process. You’ll learn the fastest way to get a perfect take and how to clean up your tracks in a way that is tight and polished, while at the same time sounding natural and musical.

Video 3 – Pitch Correction

Like it or not, pitch correction is a helpful tool in the studio, allowing you to spot fix notes in order to keep an otherwise perfect performance. In this video, I teach you how to not only approach pitch correction in the most subtle way, but how to actually use today’s two most prominent pitch correction plugins: Melodyne and Autotune. This video alone is like a mini tutorial series!

Video 4 – Mixing

Of course the final step in creating better vocals in your studio is mixing them in with the music. We’ll cover everything from EQ, compression, and de-essing, to delay, reverb, and even mix automation. These powerful mix tools, available in all pro recording software, can take your well recorded, well edited, and well tuned vocals to new heights…allowing your songs to sound polished and cohesive.

So What’s Included?

When you order REthink Vocals you’ll receive an instant digital download of all 4 high resolution videos in standard quicktime format spanning over 2 hours of content. These files are yours to keep forever and will play on any Mac or PC running an updated version of Apple’s free Quicktime Player.

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