Artist PROMOTION Blueprint

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The Artist Promotion Blueprint

The Artist Promotion Blueprint
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Music Marketing is often seen as some kind of esoteric dark art by a lot of the musicians I know. Let’s face it, you spend countless hours perfecting your craft, your music, you performance… When are you supposed to find the time to market yourself on every social media network? When will you have time to email just the right things to just the right fans at just the right times? When will you have the time to run a campaign to get reviews on your latest album?

…The list goes on.

Well, being a savvy internet marketer who is very short on “free time” (I have a full time job on the side as well as a family!) I have developed a system to automate almost every aspect of my music marketing efforts!

This means I can focus on what I’m great at (making content and entertaining folks) and let the “machine” do the rest.

Here’s how it works:

You take your content (a video or whatever) and publish it on your website…. That’s it!

From there, the system kicks in. Here are a few things that machine will do:

  • Syndicate your content to ALL your social media networks,
  • Add it to iTunes as a podcast episode,
  • Create and send an email to ALL your fans,
  • Encourage new fans to join your email list (powerful!)
  • Generate “social proof” or “buzz” around your music
  • Send a strategically designed sequence of emails to EACH fan drawing them deeper into your world and ultimately turning them into customers!
  • etc, etc…

It’s a Music Marketing Machine and I’d like to offer you the blueprints so you too can have a massive, automated music marketing system to work for you and your musical efforts!

The Artist Promotion Blueprint

You’re gonna love it!

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Artist PROMOTION Blueprint
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Excellent, informative and very easy guide to creating your own marketing engine. Through these courses, Dezz helped propel my band's online presence 10-fold.

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