Understanding Compression

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Understanding Compression

Understanding Compression
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with a little practice, you can go from hating compression to loving it and wielding it to get great results.

Do any of these describe you?

  • You sometimes wonder if the track sounded better before you started compressing it.
  • You grab compressor knobs at random and start twisting, hoping something will sound better.
  • Your mixes are too quiet.
  • Your mixes are too loud.
  • Your mixes don’t sound nearly as full or professional as everyone else’s.
  • You buy more gear (mics, preamps, plug-ins) in an attempt to improve your mixes, but they still don’t sound much better.
  • You want your mixes to sound less like an amateur mix and more like a professional mix.


If so, Understanding Compression can help.You need a starting point. With Understanding Compression, I will walk you through the compression process. You’ll walk away with a more complete understanding of

  • What compression is
  • What compression sounds like
  • How compression works
  • How to approach compression in a way that gets great results every time.

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